We are a tribe who love God and who seek to live in and for His presence. We are journeying to live fully, true and alive, wildly at rest in the authentic life of a disciple of Jesus, following our wonderful Father. There is space for you.

We create spaces for people to encounter God in His manifest presence and help people through journeys, adventures and seasons to discover their inheritance as a son or daughter of an incredibly good Heavenly Father.

Vision for Am Monadh Ruadh (Cairngorms)

We are excited to be seeking and to acquire a place / land to establish a space that is a welcome for all to encounter, worship, pray and know God “Exodus 25:2” The long term vision is to grow in capacity to host longer intentional weeks of discipleship that we may nurture hearts in his presence to be all the Father dreamt, to send out a generation of people equipped to walk out of their true identity as sons and daughters who have the courage to live truly free with God.

This dream to have a space where heaven touches earth has been a long time in its coming and we are believing that by the grace of God this valley that follows the Spey is God’s chosen place for us to walk into these promises.

Retreats: Updates coming soon

‘Rewild: Adventure of the Heart” 8 weeks adventure into the heart of God A discipleship experience like no other in the UK…..coming soon